A single local man Brayden James (23) has put his innovative ability on full display today, by demonstrating a genius little life hack.

Given the nature of his living arrangements in a sharehouse of 5, the very eligible bachelor was left facing a distinct lack of ginger, and veggies, when making a stir fry for one.

“Yeah I live with 4 other blokes, you are lucky to get salt and pepper on any given day, let alone shit like ginger and fish sauce,” he laughed.

However, rather than head down to the shops and grab some of the expensive spice or more veggies like he would have had to do if he was in a relationship, the quick thinking young fella just grabbed a bottle of Bundy Ginger Beer out of the fridge and subbed it right in.

In a ploy that belongs amongst any online life-hack listicle worth its salt, James got his pan splashing and hissing like a Michelin hat chef with a nice cup or so of the liquid gold marinating the quarter of a packet of assorted aldi vegetables he found in his freezer.

“Mate, this is the beauty of only having to fiend for one,” said the electrician from our French Quarter, who bought the ginger beer in a 2fa servo special on the way home today.

“No ginger, but I don’t need to trudge down to the shops because the recipe says so. I just get that bottle of Bundaberg Ginger Beer outta the fridge and let it go to work,” he continued, moving the pan around like a seasoned cook.

“Tastes just like the real thing haha”

“And, I get to finish off the rest of the bottle with dinner,” said the endorphin-less local man who did the opposite of behave on the weekend.

“Which is exactly what I need to pick me up,” he sighed, taking a sip from the iconic little brown bottle.

James then smiled and poured another large splash of sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce in, because he felt like it.

“That’s not in the recipe either,” laughed the man who doesn’t have a bedside table.

Our reporter nodded, wished him well and left.


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