The typical Australian grandfather’s Christmas Day outfit has nothing on a local African bloke’s flash new button up, it has been confirmed.

The South-Betoota man by the name of Lou has received praise from the local community today for bringing back the loud button up. A style once made popular by drovers visiting town for the rodeo.

The father-of-three says this particular lime green number is one of his favourites, and he’s surprised that locals think he needs a reason to wear a such a lively shirt.

This isn’t the first time the cheerful Kenyan-born kitchenhand has drawn attention for his vibrant fashion sense, just last month he was seen rocking an off-pink business shirt with a Cadbury-purple double windsor necktie during a family get together at the Lord Kidman hotel.

Retired local farmer, Ken Pearson (80) says that he loves seeing a bloke bold enough “to rock a shirt that could blind ya”.

“We need more of it.” he says.

“Back in my day, you’d measure a man by how loud his shirt was… All my grandkids are getting around town in basketball jerseys… Lou’s the only one that knows what a real lid looks like”

All three of Lou’s children were also seen wearing Australian sporting merchandise, while his wife was rocking the high-waisted stretch jeans and mid-drift, with bright blue lipstick.


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