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Have you ever dreamed about leaving this four-horse-town, trading the cosmopolitan late night cafe culture in Betoota’s French Quarter district from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood?

The director of a local acting school, Dennis Ridgeway, can help make those dreams a reality.

For close to a decade now, Star Dreemz on Montague Street Betoota Grove, has serviced the wider community and made people from all walks of life realise their dreams to be a star.

“There’s something in everyone,” he said.

“It doesn’t matter what you look like or how much natural talent you have. Everybody has their own ‘X-Factor’ inside them and it’s my job to help people discover that,”

“Many of my students have gone on to great careers. Both here and overseas. Look at all the familiar faces up on the wall. This is a dream factory where we come together to not only dream but to build on those dreams like a construction worker. It takes years of dedication to graduate from Star Dreemz.”

Years of dedication… and bags of money, says one disgruntled former student.

Amy Bachmann, who claims to have spent close to $25 000 and two years at the acting academy, only received an inkjet-printed certificate and a personal guarantee from Ridgeway that she’d never make it to Hollywood as she left the Star Dreemz programme prematurely.

She plans to expose Dennis for who he really is – a conman.

“Have you heard of Sanford Meisner? Yeah, neither had I before I started at fucking Star Dreemz,” she said.

“If you hear that cunt’s name at an acting school, run. They have the classes at Star Dreemz divided up into year groups then beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. You basically have to wait until Dennis says you’re ready to jump up a grade while in the meantime, he milks your bank account dry,”

“He’s lucky he’s still got the use of his legs. The amount of people he’s ripped off over the years… he’s very lucky to be in the shape he’s in. If he was crossing the street in front of me, he’d be writhing in pain under my Volkswagen before he could say ‘Action!'”

More to come.


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