A group of Betoota roadside council workers have today concluded that the older bloke who has been put in charge of one of the utes has probably spent a bit of time in the nick.

Their assumptions come from the fact that he smokes roughly one unfiltered, roll-your-own White Ox branded cigarettes every 15 minutes, also the spiderweb tattoo on his elbow, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have a problem with being so blatantly lazy.

18-year-old landscaper, Rylie, says even though it’s his first job, he knows better than to get the older bloke offside.

“Man. I’m only doing this for a couple months until I take off on a surfing trip with my mates. The last thing I want to do is get on the wrong side of some bikies”

“Fuck me. All he does is move the ute 20 or so metres every half hour. Sometimes he doesn’t even do that and we have to walk the snippers back to rewire them”

“If I knew a bit more about the bloke I’d get fair up him. But I don’t. And I think he’s probably killed a bloke before”

The foreman of this particular group, Ted, says he shares Rylie’s anxieties.

“I don’t know who hired this bloke but he’s fucking dodgy”

“I’m supposed to be his boss and he’s the one telling me what to do”

“I’m stuck because if I give him the sack I’m gonna spend the rest of my life jolting into the bushes every time I heard a motorbike engine”

With smoko around the corner, the older bloke who smokes White Ox has told the boys he’ll meet them at the pie shop 350 metres down the road. He’s taking the ute.



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