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“There will be some weekend work,” she said.

“Plus late nights from time to time. Early mornings as well, something I hope you understand. This isn’t a lifestyle blog that celebrates foodie culture, Australian music or the internet, this is the Diamantina Evening Tribune.”

Gregor Townsend pursed his lips and nodded.

“I understand,” he said smiling.

“So what does a normal working day involve? What are the hours?”

There was a long pause.

“We’ll get to that in a minute,” murmured the greying HR manager.

The 22-year-old South Betoota Polytechnic graduate spoke to The Advocate this morning about a job interview he had at the Diamantina Evening Tribune, the second largest Murdoch-owned major daily newspaper in the greater Betoota area.

Aside from the usual interview chit-chat and eye-rolling through his expected salary discussions, Townsend said the two representatives from that paper’s HR department wanted to negotiate the price of his soul before he expected to start.

“They asked me if I supported the Coalition’s rollout of the NBN and I said ‘yes’ – mainly because I need a job,” he said.

“Then the man asked me if I enjoyed the company of gay and non-binary people? Then there was a pause before he laughed and told me not to answer that. But he winked at me. Then he asked about gay marriage and Jesus. It was really full on,”

“At the end of it, they asked me how my living expenses were. I told them. They came back and offered me slightly above that figure each month. So according to News Corp, my soul is worth about $3300 a month before tax,”

“Would I sell out on my principles as a young person for that? You bet. At least it’s a real job.”

Townsend then asked if The Advocate would like to put in a counter offer of employment.

However, company and editorial policy dictate that one must be directly related to the Editor, Clancy Overell, to be considered for a senior position here.

More to come.


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