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Arguably the meanest and most socially influential girl from your finishing class at high school has returned back to town with a completely new image.

Its has been reported by her former confidantes that Evie Peterson (20) is no longer interested in dating older guys with fairly good prospects of playing in the NRL, but instead is more caught up with the extremist Buddhists in Myanmar’s treatment of the oppressed Rohingya Muslims.

When asked if she was still keen on spending three nights in a row in the same socially elite nightclub each weekend, Evie says she’s more into live music these days – and not like the DJ stuff that the girls still like seeing, it’s more folk-protest-rock.

“Yeah, I don’t see many of those girls nowadays” she says, when asked about if she has caught up with the tribe of young women who’s quality of life was all so dependant on her mood for the good part of a decade.

“I think they are still hanging out with the same crowd. I kind of expanded my circle bit more when I went O-S [overseas]”

By overseas, Evie means she spent 12 months supervising the dorms of a 200-year-old British private school, before visiting her parents in France for a couple weeks and eventually flying home via India, for a bit of yoga.

“Yeah. I guess I’ve met a pretty different crowd” she says before making quite a scene about rolling a marijuana cigarette.

When asked her thoughts on the most recent dual-citizenship scandal and almost imminent Australian federal election, Evie says she really hasn’t been paying much attention to Australian politics, because she was overseas for so much of last year and only landed like a couple months before Christmas.

“I mean, Australians are just so privileged. I’m really not that engaged with our politics when we have Romani travellers fighting for their right to be officially recognised on the UK census”

“I guess I’m just not a small town girl, like I’m probably going to move to Melbourne soon” she says.

At time of press Evie was seen playing hackey sack with some Timorese nationals in the rapidly gentrifying Betoota Ponds’ farmers markets.


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