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BAR AND SECURITY STAFF at Hotel Sweety’s in the Sydney CBD have been taken hostage in an apparent protest of the NSW lockout laws.

Three men aged 25, 23 and 18 laid siege to the hotel after being asked to leave the licensed premises at the closing time of 3:00 am. One of the men, Lachlan Peterson, reached-out to the Betoota Advocate via mobile phone to deliver a message and describe the events that lead to the crisis.

“It’s me brother’s 18th,” said Lachlan. “We’d caught the train in from [Doonside] which takes a fuckin’ hour, so of course we pre-loaded a case of tins in preparation,”

“Then we started smashing $11.00 Bundy and Cokes inside the hotel, 3:00 am hits and the next thing we know this fat cunt [security guard] is asking us to leave. I sat there for a second and thought, my pill just kicked in, fuck this.”

Lachlan, his brother and the third man then assaulted the staff, locking them underground in the cellar.

“That secca was big, but not big enough to take a shot right to the fuckin’ kidneys and keep standing,” Lachlan continued.

“After he went down we hustled the rest of the staff into the cellar, then we headed up to the roof to keep drinking. It was 3 versus 5, but a bunch of craft-beer pouring poofs from Sydney aren’t a match for any cunt from Doony.”

When asked what he feels is wrong with the NSW lockout laws Lachlan replied:

“Well, they’re bullshit. Nothing’s open out our way so we come to the city to drink and now we can’t even do that. There’s no place for people like us to go anymore.”

The lockout laws are notoriously unpopular with young people in Sydney and are up for a possible review later this year.

When asked what he thought would happen next, Lachlan gave a disjointed answer as our connection was cut; it is our understanding that police had breached the front doors of the hotel in order to rescue the hostages. The time was 8:34am

One of the men could be heard shouting from the rooftop bar, his last words were reported to be as follows:

“Get Mike Baird in here to sort this fucking mess out or fuck off.”

More to come.



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