A group freelance creatives insist that the sterile inner-city coffee-hub they live is actually still a bit gritty, in some parts.

Even though each of them have spent most of their lives in leafy family suburbs on the city’s fringe, before moving into the city to attend university six years ago, they say that this place is pretty much home now.

“It’s got everything. Like yeah, there are a lot of yuppies moving in, but it’s still pretty rough in some areas” said Leo, a songwriter who currently works Woolworths media team.

“Like, you’d be surprised. Even though there are 20 square foot studio apartments going for $2 million a pop, there’s a couple of rough streets”

Despite being the actual cause of gentrification in Betoota’s French Quarter, the young corporate creatives say that they are vehemently opposed to foreign ownership of terrace houses, as well as prams in pubs.

“These yuppies are trying to kill what this suburb actually stands for” says Salsa, a 27-year-old fashion buyer.

“It’s like, don’t you have leafy family suburbs that were literally built for you to feel safe in”

“But yeah, I don’t think they’ll be able to fully yuppify the place, the real side of the French Quarter is too established”


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