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Punctuating each sentence with the ‘Oi, but seriously,’ prefix, a local Dorper stud manager asked the same bloke how his was last night down at The Betoota Hotel a record for times – in the same conversation.

Nathan Decanter often speaks highly of the sheep business, telling the cattlemen who also frequent the bottom pub in town just how lazy they are for giving up on sheep.

But one thing he’s become locally known for is his love of standing in circles with the boys and getting a good buzz on and asking blokes how they are all night. Especially the old school mates visiting home for the long weekend.

“Yeah but, somebody has to do it, you know, but?” said Decanter.

“Christ, I know I can harp on a bit, let the jibber get the better of me sometimes, but I’m just trying to maintain a healthy dialogue, you know? It’s better than half those town rats running around out in the beer garden high on that ice, trying to keep out of the lights and whatnot. Not for me,”

“Asking blokes how they are gives you a minute or two to organise your thoughts when you’ve had a couple and you get to that point where you’re like, ‘fuck me dead, I’m fucken blind. Not even Fred Hollows can get me out a this one. Yeehaw!’ You know what I mean, joog?”

The Advocate reached out to some of Decanter’s mates down the pub for comment, but they refused to comment, saying that ‘he’s Ok’ and ‘just leave him alone, cunt.’

More to come.



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