Amidst the chaos of seating arrangements, floral selections, and menu tastings local groom-to-be, Darren Smith, confidently insists
that wedding planning has been a walk in the park.

Friends and family, witnessing Darren’s calm demeanour amid the wedding frenzy, suspect he’s mastered the art of denial or hasn’t lifted a single finger throughout the entire wedding process.

Sure, his fiancée Emily was so generous as to present the menu designs for his input to make him feel included, but deep down, she’s already figured out precisely which one they’re rolling with.

With Darren being largely absent from the nitty-gritty of wedding logistics, you best believe when it comes to choosing the food and drinks menu, one can certainly count on him!

“I can’t fathom why everyone insists this is such a stress-filled process. It’s been a breeze,” Darren casually remarked.

“Well, it certainly has been a breeze for you,” Emily retorted, her demeanour slightly more frazzled than usual knowing his only wedding responsibility is securing the suits for himself and his groomsmen.

Oh and making sure he’s standing up at the altar on time.

As the imminent big day edges closer, speculation continues to swirl about Darren’s serene facade and whether he’ll maintain his unfazed attitude or do a complete 180 and turn into a type A groomzilla. Only time will tell!

More to come.


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