Betoota’s trendy French Quarter has been the sight of an audible tantrum today as local graphic designer Marcus Marigold (34) received a flat white with just enough foam that he believed he’d instead been served a latte.

The resulting tantrum took place at approximately 8:30 am in the ‘Wolf & Brew Haberdashery’ with witnesses describing Marigold’s reaction as outraged and desperate.

“He was blowing up,” said one onlooker.

“Acting like he’d burnt the Sunday roast dinner or something. Screaming that that leg of lamb was jet black and hard as quartz. We were all like, ‘it’s just a coffee, and it’s Summer mate, eat a lamb chop, and get over it Calm your farm,’ but he wouldn’t have a word of it,”

Sources have confirmed that after a small disruption, Marigold promised to use his social media influence to give the cafe a 1-star review on the Face Book, ensuring he would highlight what he believes to be a ‘haphazard opinion on what constitutes a flat white.’

Wolf & Brew Haberdashery have responded to Marigold’s outburst and 1-star review stating they believe Marigold’s flat white was topped with a very thin level of foam but not enough to be considered a latte.

In his 1-star review Marigold denies this was the case:

“Seriously, if I had added chocolate to that it would have been a damn mugachino. I’m a graphic designer alright, I know what coffee is.”

Barista on duty at the time, Lucas Binns, says the more surprising thing for him was not Marigold’s outburst but his choice of drink.

“What graphic designer orders a flat white? Normally they go for a piccolo or a coffee blacker than their vacant humour. Think he’s just a bit of a whinger to be honest.”

While admitting he may have overreacted, Marigold says this kind of oversight is one that shouldn’t be made by a business that claims their coffee ‘artisanal’ and ‘perfectly brewed to perfection.’

“Of course it’s important. I’d have gone to Soul Origin if I didn’t give a shit about foam levels,”

“And yeah, I was a bit grumpy, but sorry honey, I hadn’t exactly had my morning coffee yet.”


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