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Despite the fact that Ted knows Benji is blatantly geeing up his run-in with the Fortitude Valley police last night, he’s going to let this one fly for the flow of conversation.

As the boys get stuck into a few, the excitement of spinning yarns is turning into a subtle competition between Benji and their mate Pete – who’s visiting from down south.

Benji, knowing full well that Pete wouldn’t be able to clarify that he “nearly got arrested” last night, has decided to ‘add a bit of GST’ to the story – in an attempt to throw something out that no one else will be able to top.

The only problem is that Ted was there last night, and Benji knows this.

As the story veers further and further from the truth, Ted decides he’s not going to pull up Benji on his shit talk, opting to save the roasting for a bit later.

With an awkward glance towards Teddy before finishing the story, with what is now looking to be a completely fabricated punchline, Benji is relieved to see a look of ‘go for it’ in Ted’s eyes.

This is great news, as the 29-year-old bricklayer realises that he is now flat out lying.

“Wow,” says Pete, almost speechless after hearing that Benji ‘basically punched a cop’ last night.

“True story. All true” says Ted, confirming that he’s the best bloke sitting at the table.

“Yeah, it was wild,” says Benji, who now feels safe enough to take full creative license.

“And then we ended up back at a penthouse in the CBD and fucked like six Brazillian backpackers,”

“Shoulda been there, joog.”




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