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A woman who has consistently rebuffed her boyfriend’s attempts to get her interested in blokey TV shows has oddly switched her tone this week, by being the one to suggest a war comedy series.

Snuggled up on the couch as they embarked on their usual nighttime activity of mindlessly scrolling through Stan to find a TV show, Laurie Henderson had piped up that she’d just watched a trailer for a war comedy series that looked ‘pretty interesting’ – which is something her boyfriend Nathan never thought he’d ever hear.

“Are you serious?”, he asked, genuinely baffled that Laurie was interested in watching something that wasn’t either a sci-fi thriller or drama, “are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah of course, don’t be dumb haha”, said Laurie, her voice slightly raised, “I dunno, maybe watch the trailer and see what you think.”

Chucking on the PG-rated trailer (no dicks version), Laurie tries to look nonchalant as a very buff and oiled-up Lincoln Younes pops up on the screen.

“Isn’t that Casey Braxton from Home and Away?”, asked Nathan, “one of the River boys?”

“Geez he’s gotten buff hasn’t he?”

“Is that why you’re so interested?”

More to come.



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