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Despite the fact that everyone comes down with a cold at some point during winter, Jack Derwin is certain that he has it particularly bad.

The local accountant who came down with a serious case of man flu has spent the last couple of days “bed ridden” and whining to anyone who will listen about his ill health.

“Man, I’m honestly pretty sure that I’ve actually got the flu. This isn’t just a normal cold. I have the shivers, and aches and everything. I can’t remember having it this bad ever,” he said.

Although Influenza is completely different to the cold which Derwin has, he says that he can’t see himself getting into work for the next few days.

“I can’t get out of bed mate.”

All of the women in Derwin’s life told us that he tends to carry on something terrible.

Although his mum, sister, girlfriend and female colleagues all get on with life as normal when they are sick, Derwin is under the belief that they don’t understand how sick he is.

“He had the worst cold he ever has had last year…. If you listened to him you would believe he has been Tuberculosis or Ross River Fever. I’m tolerant but it’s hard work,” his girlfriend said.

Betootan Doctor Anthony Goldstein confirmed to the Advocate that the illness he treated Derwin for was definitely a common cold, he let the young man leave under the impression it could be the flu.

“Yeah you gotta let these young fellas think it’s a bit worse than it is so they just take the DR’s certificate and leave.”


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