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Despite studying a wishy-washy journalism degree, a number of first-year students have tried to get their tertiary education experience off on the right foot by taking down comprehensive, colour-coded and detailed lecture notes in each lecture they attend.

The same number of students also still haven’t discovered that lecture attendance isn’t compulsory for many of their first semester subjects.

Walking out of her 10am COM111 Professional Writing lecture for the first time this morning, Bathurst broadcast journalism student Lauren Collidin said that even though the content of the lecture was quite elementary, it was interesting none-the-less.

“Look, I didn’t miss anything,” said the 18-year-old as she flicked through her brand new notepad.

“I took four pages of notes. But I kinda knew most of the stuff the lecturer was talking about, but I didn’t want to miss anything, you know.”

After being told that her Professional Writing subject doesn’t require compulsory attendance and that a Monday morning sleep in until noon is more than theoretically possible, the studious Sagittarius said that she wasn’t going to screw her education up by falling into bad habits early.

“There’s no chance I’ll ever end up at summer school,” she said. “Could you imagine spending your whole summer in Bathurst? I’d rather put a shotgun in my mouth and blow my brains onto the ceiling.”

“Ergh! Having a bunch of townies try to stick their tongue down your throat at Club Medusa every night, Jesus wept! No thank you! By thinking it’s OK to skip lectures, you set yourself up for failure. No thanks.”

More to come.


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