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A popular young professional couple has recently taken to social media to show friends, family and casual onlookers that they’ve recently entered the property market – heralding a new chapter in their lives.

Marcia Sock and Gavin Coolidge, both of Betoota Grove fame, are the new owners of a handsome four-bedroom home in a quiet cul-de-sac just steps from the homes they grew up in.

According to the pair, they’ve made many sacrifices to get where they are and that any young person can enter the housing market – provided they’re willing to work hard and go without.

“I’ve effectively given up skiing,” said Gavin, who graduated Deputy Head Prefect from the Whooton Academy – a large publically-funded private school in the heart of town.

“Marcia hasn’t taken stress leave for over a year. It’s been real ear-to-the-grindstone type slogging that’s gotten us to where we are,”

“Haters will say my Dad helped me, or Marcia’s Dad. The simple fact of the matter is that they didn’t just give us the money, we actually have to pay our parents back the 40% deposit. So fuck off.”

The selling agent initially told our reporter that the vendor wished to keep the sale price confidential, however, our reporter took him out on the town last night and got the figure out of him.

He said the 2ac property, complete with pool and man cave, sold for close to $2.1m.

The Advocate reached out to Gavin Coolidge Snr for comment on the matter and received a prompt reply.

“Of course I leant him money to buy a house. Almost half a million Australian pesos!” he said.

“I could afford it – and he only earns $70k a year so I had to co-sign the mortgage, too. Marcia’s father also chucked in a bit, not as much as me. He’s paying for the wedding and 6-month honeymoon so it’s only fair. We actually played golf a few months ago and the loser had to pay the first kid’s private school tuition,”

“I won but paid for the drinks afterwards!”

When pushed by our reporter, Gavin Snr conceded that it wouldn’t be possible to enter the property market without outside help.

“Well, if you want to live in a nice part of town or in a big city, you’ll need help as a young person. Little to no real wage growth, increased living expenses and an overinflated housing market? You don’t have a chance,”

“Any young person whose “bought” a nice house in a nice part of town had help from outside money and if they tell you otherwise, they’re full of shit.”

More to come.


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