A local father of some teenage kids has decided to stir them up today.

Rob Waters (48) did so this morning after coming to the snap conclusion that his daughter Cindy (16) and son Aaron (13) were old enough to hear about their parents indulging themselves last night.

Enjoying a morning coffee with his moobs dangling around like a dairy cow with mastitis, Rob was hit with a question from his daughter about why he couldn’t put a shirt on.

“Sorry, it’s what your mother likes,” he laughs with a gentle early prod.

Noticing the sense of repulsion on his kids faces the man slowly coming to the age where he’s convinced people are trying to censor his behaviour, he decides to amp things up a bit.

“Or at least that’s what she like last night,” he continues watching his kids roll their eyes and pull faces before telling him to shut up.

“Hey, how do you thing you two got here?”

“It’s natural isn’t it,” says Rob to his wife Janine whose just rolled in and decides to get in on the action.

“Hope we didn’t keep you two up last night,” she laughs as her son gets up and walks out of the room in disgust.

“You guys are revolting,” fires off their daughter as she too walks out, leaving the pair of mating Gen X’ers to giggle to themselves.


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