The Guinness Book of Records is scrambling to update their 2024 edition today after a long – standing record was shattered over the weekend.

With over 80,000 fans filling out Accor Stadium on Saturday, it’s believed the crowd of cargo short wearing Dads broke the record for the most number of pockets in one place.

Local media is reporting sensible suburban fashion was firmly on display at the event, with many middle-aged men opting to protect their shins with a Lowes cargo short number, and cover their pulled pork induced bellies with a short-sleeve check shirt from Rivers, complete with nipple pockets.

In a Zoom call with Alistair Richards, the Managing Director of Guinness World Records, Alistair told The Advocate the organisation was impressed with Australia’s dedication to keeping their phone, wallet and house keys accessible at all times.

“Going off our calculations and footage of the event, we believe the average concert goer was rocking anywhere between 5-8 pockets, big ones too!” Alistair told The Advocate from his New York office.

“We even saw a guy with two pockets on the hips, two on his backside, deep square ones on the knees and then two buttoned down ones on his shirt, that’s eight pockets on one man alone.”

After the record was confirmed, Alistair said he was pleased to announce that every Dave, Chris and Darren who attended the event will now be receiving a copy of the Guinness Book of Records for Christmas.

It’s understood the Sydney crowd, many of whom were once connected to Hillsong, toppled the previous records set at Lollapalooza in 1992, when the Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden played to an audience of grunge lovers and American marines in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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