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In an effort to make himself seem less alone to a 19-year-old bartender, a local city worker asked for two schooners with his $10 jug of Tiger to give the illusion that he’s waiting for somebody to join him.

The only time Roger Spearman gets to spend on his own is the commute to and from his home in Betoota Heights.

So on the way home today, he walked past the Fisherman’s Arms next door to the Old City District bus depot and thought he’d duck in for an hour.

He texted his husband saying he’d been held up; he wrote back saying that was OK. Roger had bought himself an hour and offloaded school pick up.

There he sat in the beer garden of the Fisho, with the sun on his back. A smile on his face. The beer was cold and cheaper than a Rodney Rude one-liner. Just the way the professionally popular network engineer likes it.

Also enjoying a few solo phone jugs in the Fisho’s beer garden this afternoon was our reporter.

He shared a nod with Roger before he went back to his phone and smiled.

Good on you, Roger.

More to come.


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