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There are many practical things Greg Toad would’ve liked to have received this morning from Santa.

Perhaps an electric toothbrush or a ten-pack of socks.

Even a bag of lollies from the chemist would’ve been enough.

But put all those things aside, the most important and useful gift the 28-year-old will ever receive for Christmas comes in the form of a yellow banknote.

“She knows me too well Grandma does,” said Mr Toad.

“Grandma knows my needs. She understands that I don’t need new shirts or clothes, there’s the internet for that. I don’t need a gift voucher to Dymocks or Borders, she knows I’m barely literate as is,”

“The quickest way to my heart is through cold hard cash. I love my Grandma.”

As for what Toad plans to spend the $50 on remains a mystery.

He did, however, hint and where and when he might part ways with the ill-earned dosh.

“I might slide it into a workman’s piano down at the Dolphins Club tomorrow night. The place goes off on Boxing Day.”


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