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Do you ever feel like doing nothing?

So do a lot of other people, according to a recent government study which has found that abandoning plans at the last minute to relax and do nothing is actually the best plan after all.

One outspoken member of the local Do Nothing Club is Sascha Stevens, a civil engineer specialising in concrete, told The Advocate that she often doesn’t feel like doing anything after work – but often has to force herself to stick to plans made previously.

Albeit rarely, the 26-year-old says she enjoys canceling plans so she can relax but likes to find a happy medium so she doesn’t appear to be flakey.

“Coming up with an excuse is the hardest part,” she said.

“After that, it’s a piece of piss. There’s nothing better than lying down on the couch after a long day and feeling your spine decompress. It’s even better when you know you’d be doing something else. Something that I wouldn’t enjoy,”

“Like last Thursday. I met this guy for a drink and listened to him talk about himself for an hour until I said I had an emergency at home to attend to. I also live alone, which is worth the extra money. There’s not much else I like better than to just be alone doing nothing, recommend it 100% to anyone.”

Authors of the study, the CSIRO, have come out in defense of those people often described as ‘flakey’ and ‘unreliable’ by saying ‘don’t knock it until you try it’.

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