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A harmless personal training professional found himself making small talk with another pleasant Betootanese youth as they clip-clopped up the stairs to his third-floor apartment overlooking the Green Park Oval in East Betoota last night around 2am.

Pierre Gynt ran into Isobelle Frogmann, a former workfriend, in the smoking partition of the Betoota Dolphins Leagues Club pokies den just after 9pm last night and the pair got chatting about old times and how much a gronk their old boss was.

One thing led to another and Isobelle found texting her mother from the back of an UberSUV saying that she’d be staying at her friend’s house tonight.

“But when I got to his apartment, which looked like a bomb had gone off in it, he kept trying to seal the team by picking up random things around his room and sharing a short anecdote about it,” she said.

“I mean, dude, I’m already in your bedroom, kinda drunk at a quarter past two in the morning on a Friday night. You’ve already sealed the deal,”

“He got his tennis racquet out from behind his wardrobe and told me he used to play a good standard of the sport when he was in high school. Mate, I don’t care. Stop practising your forehands and put the racquet down.”

However, Pierre’s lack of any tangible self-esteem led him to believe that he still had a lot of ground to cover before things would start getting amoral.

“I have a lot of interesting things in my apartment,” he said.

“Such as this tennis racquet that I used to win the Diamantina Combined High Schools championship. But that was many moons ago,”

“Have I showed you my 1:4 scale model of Pompeii? I haven’t even thought about it for years but look at it while I tell you what I know about it.”

More to come.


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