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Mortified at the prospect of same-sex couples being legally allowed to enter a loveless marriage such as his, a local sexagenarian has taken to Facebook to show his support for the ‘Vote No’ campaign in the upcoming postal ballot on same-sex marriage.

Each time Graham Monckton sees a young person show their support for the ‘Yes’ campaign by applying a filter over their Facebook profile picture, he recoils in disgust.

To counter out his petulant grandchildren, who’ve already shown their support via the marriage equality filter, the 69-year-old retired property investor began searching Facebook high and low for a ‘No’ filter he could put over his own.

“I couldn’t find one,” said Graham.

“Which I feel is unfair. I should be able to have an opinion and have the right to express it,”

“And it is my opinion that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married in the traditional sense. I don’t really care, but it’s the terminology for me, that’s what really gets my goat all giddy.”

But after trying to find a filter for close to an hour, Graham slammed the lid of his Compaq laptop down and went into the kitchen to yell at his wife.

More to come.


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