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After falling in love during their senior year at the exclusive Royal College of Hard Knocks in South Betoota, Leo and Sherryn Slacks knew they’d be together forever.

Enrolling the very next year in the University of Life in nearby Toompine, the couple married just a few months later in the winter of 1971.

“The first place we ever lived in together was this old run-down terrace in the French Quarter,” said Leo.

“It was a bit of a hard pull but we got the $3300 deposit together in under a year by saving and not going overseas all the time. We didn’t eat avocados and never went to the pub,”

“Which is why our kids think we’ve got a pretty poor handle on what the world is like nowadays. They’d have exactly what we had if they’d actually work! Political correctness is responsible for the decay of this country – something we discovered on The Face Book! ”

However, The Advocate reached out to Leo and Sherryn’s eldest son Matthew for comment on his parent’s opinions and what he told our reporters is nothing short of shocking.

The 28-year-old mortgage broker explained that while his parents appear to be pleasant and kind in person, they take on a much more narrow-minded an conservative tone when using their joint Facebook account.

“They leave comments on news articles that are very, very controversial to say the least,” he said.

“Favourite topics for them include gender identity, immigration, gay marriage, religion and other hot button agendas. They’re under the impression that political correctness is ruining the Australian way of life,”

“And that nugget of early onset dementia comes through in their social media activity. I’m not a leftie by any stretch of the imagination, but Jesus Christ, some of the things they write just aren’t fit to print!”

More to come.



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