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A polite but flustered young man has denied allegations that he’s been using a stolen credit card to buy cigarettes.

Darren Mulvey, 32, was spotted at a number of local convenience stores yesterday evening attempting to purchase as many cigarettes as he possibly could in one PayPass transaction.

However, many shopkeepers grew suspicious of the agitated Gemini’s behaviour – which some witnesses describe as intimidating and irregular.

“He came into my 7/11 and demanded four packets of Horizon Blues very rudely,” said one local merchant.

“When the total was over the $99.99 PayPass limit, he told me to remove one from the order as, ‘he didn’t know the pin.’ That was when I became suspicious that the card was stolen,”

“That and I doubt his name was Penelope, which the card suggested.”

The Advocate caught up with Mr Mulvey at a local bus station just a short time ago, where he denied that the credit card he’d been using to buy the cigarettes is stolen and that his birth name is actually Penelope.

“Yeah, my parents full on named me Penelope, brus,” he said.

“Oi, but yeah, nah, fuck off would you with this stolen credit card shit, aye? I don’t need this stress. It’s my card, bro. Fucking look it up, mate,”

“Seriously, I swear on me nan’s fucking grave. It’s not stolen.”

Police from East Betoota have been able to confirm to The Advocate that a local mother had her bag snatched from her yesterday evening outside the Woolworths in the French Quarter.

Penelope Stevens wasn’t able to get a good look at the hooded youth who stole her handbag, but the veterinarian is helping police with their enquiries.

More to come.



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