16 February, 2016. 16:34

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A North Betoota high schooler as journeyed through a portal to hell last night after overdosing on cannabis last night during a sleepover at a friends place, The Advocate has discovered.

During a week-long exposé on the rampant use of marijuana among local teens, The Advocate was able to ascertain that 17-year-old Echidna Curlewis shared a cannabis joint with two close friends sometime yesterday evening when proceedings took a turn for the worse.

Detective Superintendent Simon Cottrell was called to 34 Rockaway Crescent at 7:30 pm last night after reports surfaced that yet another North Betootanese high schooler had overdosed on THC.

“There’s a strain of pot going around town called Captain Starlight, which can put nearly any seasoned stoner on their arse quick smart,” he said.

“That’s all good and well if you’ve had sweet Mary Jane over to your house before and it isn’t your first rodeo, but if you’re just experimenting with the drug – the results can just be so, so bad.”

Overdosing on the drug is often referred to as ‘greening out’ and is seen as a rite-of-passage among the sticky dank smoking community.

However, when Mr Curlewis greened out last night, Adele’s Grammy Album-of-the-Year ’25’ was softly playing in the background.

“That was the worst part,” explained Echidna.

“I couldn’t stop the room from spinning. Didn’t care that I was in bed, I knew I was in bed. I just vomited up the party pies we had for dinner and knew that Matt’s mother would just probably feel sorry for me.”

“I’m never smoking pot again. Never.”

More to come.



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