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In some developing news, an elderly woman has reportedly been taken to hospital this afternoon after seeing a popular French Quarter chiropractor, with incoming reports stating the woman had been manhandled with the ‘same amount of care you’d expect the elderly to receive from the average NSW police officer.

Grandmother of seven, Genevieve Brixton, 89, is alleged to have seen Dr. Mark Hanson at the Ramsey Clinic for an appointment at 9am this morning, with the clinic’s neighbours reporting an ambulance arriving at the scene at roughly 9:15am.

A Betoota Heights hospital staff member (who wishes to remain anonymous) has confirmed that the woman is in a stable condition, but is suffering some acute internal damage after Hanson reportedly attempted to fix a ‘popped C3′ by ‘getting up onto a chair and body slamming into the woman.’

The staff member admits this isn’t the first time they’ve had one of Hanson’s clients in their emergency room, nor do they imagine it will be their last.

Brixton’s family are alleged to be in talks with Rimm & Jobe lawyers to kickstart a class action lawsuit against Hanson.

More to come.


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