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When Peter Pan was just 20-years-old, he hitched across Australia with two friends for a whole year.

Next year, he plans to do it again.

Speaking to The Advocate this morning, the North Betoota podiatrist explained that turning 40 was a day he was dreading for a number of years – but now he realises that was all silly.

“I’ve never felt better,” explained Pan. “Well, perhaps I did feel a bit better when I was 20, but I was expecting to be a broken down lump of skin and organs by now, so it’s refreshing none the less.”

“I used to laugh when people said that 40 is the new 20. That doesn’t make sense. Is 30 the new 10? Because if it is, I belong in prison! [laughs]”

While Mr Pan says he credits his youthful vitality to a strict diet and exercise regiment, there’s a number of ‘body and soul’ activities he does during the week that also make him feel at peace.

He also roots a lot as well.

On his 33rd birthday, he was gifted a racing bicycle from the local rotary club for his many years of philanthropic service to the community.

He and his fellow Betoota Cycling Club members enjoyed years of fun, competitive racing around town before one of them ended up having a close call LandCruiser after cycling through a red in the Old City district.

“That was when I really started to confront my own mortality,” said Pete.

“I haven’t committed to a woman since then. I’ve got plenty of time. I’m really getting into my frisbee right now, brah”

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