22 March, 2017. 13:23

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A local dual citizen threw his British passport in the rubbish this morning after all hope that ‘Brexit’ wasn’t actually going to go ahead was extinguished as UK Prime Minister Theresa May plans to officially notify the European Union next Wednesday that the kingdom is leaving.

Cameron Rollandson spoke to The Advocate a short time ago, saying that he took advantage of his ability to receive a British passport after leaving high school – using it to holiday and work through Europe as a young man.

However, after the UK explained that they actually were leaving the EU, the 29-year-old said his burgundy passport isn’t even worth the paper it’s printed on.

“I enjoyed being British for 11 years, but yeah, not really interested in going back there to be honest,” said the semi-retired beekeeper.

“The only Australians who move to the UK to work are either dual citizens, people who get sent there for work at gunpoint and directionless, often broken-hearted 20-somethings from Brisbane looking for meaning and validation in life. I am not one of them, I sold my honey business to Capilano – now all I do it crush tins and travel the world hunting large game,”

“Last year, I went to Canada and shot a grizzly bear just so I could look at it up close without the danger of being slashed to death.”

The Betoota Dolphins season ticket holder then went on to say that he wasn’t alone – that many other Betootanese British citizens holders were also disposing of their passports irresponsibly.

“Mike from the pub, who’s actually a stinky pom, said he wasn’t going home [laughs] chucked his passport in the bin. That sucked mango seed Peter Dutton probably won’t let him, but.”

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