Mike Baird doesn't even break a sweet as he lines up yet another 3
Mike Baird doesn’t even break a sweet as he lines up yet another 3

11 March, 2015. 12:00

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

Politicians, staffers and campaigners from both sides of the indecipherable political spectrum were breaking a sweat today in the annual NSW Pre-election Basketball Jam.

The tournament, which was hosted at the iconic Blacktown PCYC, saw a ferocious LNP outfit of Mike Baird and the NSW “Driberals” up against leader of the opposition Luke Foley and the NSW “Layup-bor party” representing the ALP.

Mike Baird proved that it doesn’t require a disadvantaged upbringing for someone to dominate on the court, as the former Kings School product “rained threes” for the full 48 minutes.

With an outrageous 184 – 22 win by the LNP, the Premier-by-default had a lot to say after the match.

“[Laughter] I grew up on the beaches, we play rugby and tennis where I come from… I didn’t even know what the fuck I was doing out there and we still smoked Foley,”

“I am seeing some serious parallels between the basketball jam and the current election campaigns”

Despite a questionable legacy, the Liberals seemed to cruise through the tournament with grace, leaving many to forget just how bad former LNP leader Barry O’Farrell was, last time they hit the court. However, Baird was quick to point out the NSW Labor party’s consistency when it comes to poor form on the court.

“Foley is supposed to be a man of the people. Someone out there representing the Labor grubs… [Laughter] He can’t even play basketball!. How on earth is he supposed to communicate with people in the slums?” said a patronising Mike Baird.

The Pre-Election Basketball Jam has become an annual event since Bob Carr’s  14th campaign in 1964 and has been viewed by many as the fulcrum that will make or break a successful candidate.

Mike Baird’s comparisons between the tournament and the current state of affairs seems pretty just.

Even the narrowest of Coalition victories would represent a mandate to privatise the state’s electricity assets, NSW Premier Mike Baird says, rejecting suggestions a sizeable swing against the government would strip it of the right to push through the plan.

Both big parties have framed this month’s state election as a referendum on the government’s proposal to partially lease the state’s electricity “poles and wires”.

An estimated $20 billion in proceeds would be used to build significant infrastructure such as a second harbour rail crossing.

However, with the LNP dominating on the court. Only time will tell if they can do it in the booths.



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