In an interesting turn of events, the Betoota Advocate would like to announce today that both our editors Errol Parker and Clancy Overell have been informed by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation that they are currently being “watched” after a controversial radio broadcast this morning. Not even two weeks since they joined the ranks at conservative talkback radio station, 2GB.

The broadcast, which is now under investigation, is believed to have defamed several high-profile character Australian’s and international celebrities.

The Betoota Advocate has released an official statement regarding this incident:

“Both Errol and myself would like to apologise to the listeners who took offence at our hardline, old-fashioned radio journalism. We are often vulnerable in metropolitan markets, often misunderstood and rarely agreed with.

We do mean to shock, but we do not mean to offend. We would never intentionally offend our readers or our listeners.

As for the so-called victims of defamation, we only have one thing to say to them…


– Clancy Overell, Editor.

To listen to a pirated version of this morning’s broadcast, press play below.



  1. such a shame… no defamation here… the only accurate news this week… the lift above “normal” 2GB standards obviously too much for 2GB and the supporting political-enforcement-judicial establishment


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