10 February, 2016. 15:34

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FORMER INDEPENDENT MEMBER FOR New England Tony Windsor has ridden time on one of the most feared bulls in all of South West Queensland, Bone Crusher.

The Cordillo Downs Invitational attracts some of the biggest names in amateur corner country rodeo, with the likes of Windsor and other assorted country glitterati making the arduous journey out.

Out of 135 outs, Bone Crusher has bucked off 127 riders.

“He sure is a mean son-of-a-bitch. Bucked the hat clean off-of my head,” said Windsor.

“Got ‘im, though. The fucking thing. Wok-eyed bastard thought he had me.”

The historical rides comes after Windsor rode Wookatook in Jundah last year, breaking a decade old record. The 65-year-old is thought to be the oldest Australian to ever complete a full backflip off the back of a bull.

Windsor and his team also placed third in the wild cow milking event, losing out to local contracting group Jack Campbell & Sons and a team made up of timid Flying Doctor staff.

He’s also tipped to take out tonight’s wild horse race, which was controversially included back into the programme this year.

During the event last year, animal rights protestors stormed the arena in an attempt to free the horses, but ultimately failed in that endeavor.

Members of the Betoota Rotary Club enjoying a liquid breakfast before heading out to Cordillo Downs today. PHOTO: Supplied.
Members of the Betoota Rotary Club enjoying a liquid breakfast before heading out to Cordillo Downs today. PHOTO: Supplied.

A 23-year-old protestor was run over by local bucking horse, Hoorang, breaking both arms and suffering a collapsed lung.

When asked what he though his chances were out taking out the prized wild horse race, Windsor said he had it in the bag.

“I’ll shit it in, mate. Reminds me of a time this flash ringer fancied himself as a buck jumper,”

“You shoulda seen this fella. Covered in brand new R.M. [Williams] gear from head to toe. He climbs on top of this mad-looking thing. Big wild mane and a crazy eye that’d follow around the backyard. You’d be fucked if I’d get on the bastard,”

“Anyway, he yells ‘Righto!’ and the chute opens and he get thrown clean off the arse of the wild pony before I’ve even lit my Log Cabin up,”

“Me and some of the fellas laughed and shouted out ‘Ride him, William! Ride him!’ and he picks himself up off the dirt and says his name isn’t William,”

“We said we knew what his fucking name was but his boots where still flapping up and down in the stirrups. His RMs where still riding that Hoorang bastard around the arena.”





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