After a sensational few days of very public bickering, the nation has today decided enough is enough.

Former Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson and current Australian opener David Warner have been told to sort it out.

“Take it to the nets fellas,” said an anonymous spokesperson for the nation today.

The desire for the two firebrands to sort out their differences with the bat and ball rather than in the public spotlight, comes after a very gnarky spat in the media.

The public was made aware of the two egos desire to but heads when Mitchell Johnson penned a controversial column in The West Australian, questioning why David Warner was being given a send off tour this summer when many others hadn’t, before launching into a few sandpaper related sledges.

Obviously that led to a few strong retorts from the current playing group, with the sports starved media latching on to every single word.

Speaking on the The Mitchell Johnson Cricket Show alongside co-host Bharat Sundaresan, Johnson then revealed he penned the column after watching Warner’s wife Candace speak on The Back Page about nobody being worthy of replacing her husband, and has since received some very personal messages from Warner.

Given the embarrassing ongoing spat, the inherent weirdos (by virtue of being professional cricketers) have been told to just head down to the nets and figure it out.

“Dave needs to name a place and a date,” said the anonymous spokesperson.

“And Mitchell needs to run in and bowl as fast as he possibly can at Dave until they’ve let off a bit of steam and they can have a beer.”

Both Johnson and Warner have yet to respond to the calls.

More to come.


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