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TOORAK MOTHER OF THREE, Diane Williamson, spoke to The Betoota Advocate in December about the amazing turnaround she had seen in her oldest son’s behaviour, after the 16-year-old began skateboarding and playing rock music.

“Tardiness, foul language, bad attitude… It was all the things that a mother worries about,” says the 48-year-old divorcee.

As a “high-maintenace” high-school student, she believes her son Charlie was heading the right way to getting suspended from his prestigious private school, Saint Smugnus Boys College.

That’s until he started skateboarding.  I had no idea his friends meant when they said ‘Let’s go rip some cones’ – That’s when I realised it meant they were going skateboarding”

“It really changed his attitude. He was also far more cheerful around his little brothers, remarkably polite and less hyperactive at home. His stepfather and I were amazed!”

As a hobby that is often regarded as a rebellious activity for at-risk teens, Mrs Williamson begs to differ and says skateboarding has been a great for her son’s journey into adulthood. She says the same goes for rock music, another interest her son has picked up through his new circle of friends.

Dianne and her son Charlie, shortly after he began ripping cones.
Dianne and her son Charlie, shortly after he began ripping cones.

Initially hesitant of her Charlie’s new love of rock music, she says he has progressed with leaps and bounds academically since it all started.

“I was a little worried when I heard explicit rock music coming out of his bedroom the other day. He said it was called “Rage Against The Machine” – So naturally I was worried. It sounded very anti-establishment,”

“But then I discovered how well he was doing academically. His music teacher personally called me to tell me that he was now a model student,”

“I even discovered a new make-shift musical instrument in his room. It was like my beautiful little boy was trying to teach himself music with a saxophone-modelled Gatorade bottle – I guess that’s where it all began”

Mrs Williamson says her son now has an amazing understanding of the history of music, and often locks himself in his room to study and play music alone for hours

“He even has a Bob Marley poster on his wall, it’s adorable! Some of this music I haven’t heard since I was a kid. Johnny Hendrix, Ernest Clapton, The Beatle Boys – He loves all the oldies!

And to think it all started with my little boy, a Gatorade bottle and piece of hose,”





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