Local woman Claire Mathieson likes to think she doesn’t care what people think of her – but that’s a flat out lie.

Though the twenty-five year old exhibited a casual style of Instagram posting, made evident by the number of candid, out of focus shots of her friends at parties and weird out of context images, it was all carefully crafted to fit the cool-girl aesthetic she was going for. 

When she’s not viewing her Facebook profile using the ‘view as public’ option to see how her recently removed ex could see her profile – the very reason why all her good photos are public – Claire likes to watch her Instagram stories to see how she’s perceived.

That, and rewatching her friend’s Instagram stories several times if she happens to be in them.

Claire’s latest bunch of stories involves a selfie with an accompanying rap song, a video of her dogs playing on the deck, and a throwback of her and her mate at a music festival.

For this aesthetic, Claire was attempting to portray herself as a wholesome, wifey type, who could also throw down for a good time.

It’s likely Claire will also put up a photo of the steak and veggies she’s planning on cooking tonight, with the status ‘get a girl who can do both.’

After viewing her story a few times, Claire is confident that she appears the right mix of sultry and homely and prepares herself for the onslaught of heart-eye emojis from random male followers.

More to come.


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