28 August, 2015. 16:45

STANLEY WORTHINGTON | Sydney Correspondent | Contact

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has dropped legal action against The Betoota Advocate which paves the way for their groundbreaking podcast to be broadcast into the future.

Initially, the government issued a number of cease and desist notices to the independent news organisation over concerns their internet news bulletin was “biassed” toward rural issues.

Late this afternoon, Justice Clarence Avenue gave the green light to The Advocate, saying that the rimfire news service served an integral part of the Australian media spectrum.

The Betoota Advocate was designed to be impartial from the get-go,” said Justice Avenue.

“The choice by the federal government to pursue this matter all the way to the Supreme Court is nothing short of embarrassing,”

“The legal system has just finished clearing Leigh Sales of partiality, I can only speculate who’s going to be the next newsman to front the court on this issue.”

The Betoota Advocate board would like to thank their legal team, which included Charles Waterstreet, Esq. and Councillor Keith Carton, who threatened to “kick the shit through” a government prosecutor.

Earlier this week, Councillor Carton was ejected from the court after he addressed Justice Avenue by saying “he’d be back from the pisser directly, bunge”.

Mr Waterstreet is currently seeking a Section 10 for Councillor Carton.



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