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A local account director at a Betooticone Valley tech start-up made a formal complaint to his company’s HR department earlier today, saying he was the victim of savage, institutional bullying.

Human resources staff at CuttiPizza, a start-up specialising in custom-shaped pizzas, responded promptly and swiftly but ultimately found there was no case for his fellow employees to answer.

Why? Because Oliver Hunter is a Roosters supporter.

In a predominantly Cowboy supporting town, Mr Hunter, originally from Evans Head on NSW’s picturesque Methamphetamine Coast, is one of the only Roosters supporters in town.

As his team was flogged at the hands of the ‘Boys last weekend, the HR team at CuttiPizza came to the conclusion that Mr Hunter deserved to be bullied as the Roosters are a ‘terrible choice in football team.’

“We immediately called a meeting after the complaint was received from Oliver,” said a CuttiPizza spokesman.

“After a thorough investigation, we discovered that Mr Hunter was a Roosters fan – and in light of current events, we thought it was well within reason for his colleagues to give him an absolute rinsing for barracking for a Sydney-based team.”

However, Mr Hunter sees things different.

The 29-year-old spoke exclusively to The Advocate regarding his treatment at CuttiPizza, which he feels has gone well beyond reason.

“It’s been almost a week,” sighed Oliver.

“And they’re still calling me names. When I order a long black, they bring me back a triple-choc latte. They’re delicious, but it’s not what I wanted. The girls won’t even listen to me, not even about work,”

“They just laugh at me and do that ‘awwwwww’ thing girls do when they pretend to feel sorry for you. Fuck this shit, I want to quit, but I love the custom pizza game too much.”

More to come.


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