A local Winter Biathlete has today said she’s still buzzing on the last month that was.

We caught up with Kacee Gimple (28) as she returns back to work at the Shannahan’s truck stop, 120 kilometres outside of Betoota.

The two time Olympian, and two time 5th place-holding pioneer of Australian aggressive of cross-country skiing / calm marksmanship, says she still feels like she’s back in South Korea.

“I’m getting my Olympic rings tatt next week. I figure, after two starts, it’s probably time”

“I was gonna get it back in Sochi but no one trusted the needles. Plus we were too busy trying to find some food and water”

With absolutely no funding from the AIS, and very few family members who actually understand what it is that she competes in every four years, Kacee is now beginning her next round of fundraising for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

“I reckon I might bump up to a bronze. I just need a few more trips to Perisher to nail my mid skii target practice” she says.

“Maybe I’ll relocate to New Zealand. It’s cheaper for Australians to be in the snow in New Zealand than it is for us to be in the snow in Australia”


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