In a euphoric display of camaraderie, Brisbane boxer Jeff Horn was yesterday joined in the ring by other iconic Brown Snake residents, in his post win celebration against reigning WBO welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao.

The Southside Schoolteacher had everyone nervous after being punished in the 9th round by legendary Filipino in an epic bout at Suncorp Stadium – however the Maroon-blooded Queenslander proved he had enough in every other round to win the points.

It is believed that while Horn caught a glimpse of both Wally Lewis and Bernard Fanning while he was having his eyebrow re-glued to his face between the 9th and 10th rounds yesterday afternoon.

Legendary boxing announcer, Michael Buffer says he could see the difference immediately.

“He just rose up from the stool and was a different fighter” says Buffer.

Another front row guest, Stefan Ackerie from Napoleon beauty products fame says that Jeff Horn regained momentum when Bernard Fanning began singing one of his iconic Brisbane-ballads at the start of the 10th.

“Bernard Fanning stood up and starting singing ‘Sunsets’ acapella – the whole entire crowd joined in. 50,000 people in Suncorp singing The ‘Finger. It was euphoric.” said Stefan Ackerie.

“Rugby league great Wally Lewis and young adult novelist David Malouf was there too. It truly was the battle of Brisbane with these blokes in the front row. Pacquiao didn’t stand a chance”

“…all of a sudden Jeff was powering his way to the belt. He won that fight in the last two rounds. I put it all down to Bernard, Wally and Mr Malouf in the front row. I think Tim Horan was there somewhere too”

Upon the final bell, Jeff ‘Hornett’ Horn was surrounded immediately after by his three loudest Brisbane supporters – and joined in on the final bit of Sunsets where they sing ‘sunsets’ repeatedly.




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