27 May, 2017. 10:34

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact

Cricket Australia rejected the latest offering from the players’ association earlier this week, prompting CEO James Sutherland to compare the current crop of national cricketers to the likes of Bernard Tomic and Nick Krygios.

“I mean, isn’t a four-bedroom home in Vaucluse and a Range Rover enough?” asked Sutherland during a press conference in Sydney yesterday evening.

“For fuck’s sake. I feel sorry for the fans. But look, I’m going to allow Cricket Australia to get bent over the kitchen bench here. The players want more money for themselves, we want more money for the game. Money for grassroots development, marketing and talent development. We’re investing in future talent, the players want to invest in a seven-series BMW,”

“And I’m the worst cunt out. I mean, you can just go right ahead and fuck yourself. They’re acting like those tennis players. Fuck it!” he said before kicking the table over and storming out of the Moore Park function room.

Hitting back at the newly-moustached Sutherland was Nick Kyrgios, who took time out of his busy training regiment to speak to The Advocate regarding the controversy.

The tennis superstar wanted to remind Sutherland that if you ‘talk shit, you get hit’ and that how he conducts himself on the tennis court is none of his business.

“Oi, like how about leave me out of it?” remarked the lanky Canberrean.

“Fuck bro, let the boys play. Cash cheques, snap necks. Cling clang crime pays. Either that or let them do like twice as many endorsements. He should chill and leave me and Bernie T out of his shit. Peace.”


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