Australia’s premier batsman Steve Smith’s day 4 concussion at Lords looks like it may have resulted in long-term affects, after he began posting the types of memes you only post after a decade long career playing full contact sport professionally.

Smudge was officially ruled out of Thursday’s third Test because of the lingering effects of the concussion, which came in the shape of a 92mph Jofra Archer short ball to the neck during Saturday night’s draw

Australia are only one win away from retaining the Ashes but will be without the Don 2.0 – a prospect we as a nation are struggling to process.

However, Smudge’s recent Instagram activity has struck even more fear into the hearts of Australian cricket fans – as he begins posting hyper-religious memes most commonly associated with sporting head injuries.

Coach Justin Langer says he’s just glad they’ve decided to sit him out of the third test, especially after seeing him condemn drunks, homosexuals, idolaters and adulterers to spend eternity in hell.

“We need to make sure that concussion is treated seriously in our game. We all saw what happened to Izzy.”

“He’s obviously not with it right now. So, he’s being sat out for now”

Due to Smith’s very publicised medical ailment, Australian LGBTI community groups are holding off on condemning his behaviour until they receive clarification that it’s just a result of his head knock.

However, Cricket Australia have made it clear they will definitely not be crumbling to community outrage and sacking their only good batsman – again.


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