22  January, 2016. 18:23

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A square leg umpire has broke protocol yesterday during a T20 match in East Betoota overnight by making his own mind up regarding a tight run out.

Batsman Penny Tration was on 18 runs during last night’s mixed T20 clash between Betoota Workies and the Dolphins when she dove at the crease to save her wicket.

It was quite close, as the replays suggested.

However, umpire Dennis Colon knew she’d made it home – just.

“I just knew,” he said. “I didn’t need to bother Arthur, the third umpire, for that decision. There was no question.”

Having a third umpire present at each match is only a recent inclusion to the Bunnings Diamantina Mixed T20 competition after Dirranbandi-native-turned-cricket-fanatic Arthur Borrisman moved up to the desert capital mid-way through last year.

Setting his two hi-speed camera’s up on the boundary, the 74-year-old retired autist has effectively eradicated ‘dodgey’ decisions from the competition.

“It’s just something I enjoy doing,” he said. “I’ve always been interested in cricket-based-review-technology and it’s kind of turned into a bit of a hobby for me. I really enjoy doing it.”

Sadly, Borrisman has had to replace the cameras more than once.

Just last week, Ms Tration was clean bowled by the tearaway pace delivered from a Birdsville architect. As she was walking off the field, she lashed out at one of Arthur’s cameras with her willow.

The matter is still before the courts.

More to come.


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