6 January, 2016 17:30


Sources close to Australia’s favourite sportsman of all time have confirmed that the King Of Spin has only just been made aware that there is an extremely hot chick who often features as a journalist during live coverage of Big Bash cricket matches.

It is believed Shane Warne was alerted to the existence of channel 10 sports reporter, Mel Mclaughlin, after her recent flutter in the households of both Australian cricket fans and feminists.

“Warnie says he can’t believe what Chris Gayle said to that bird,” says a close friend of the Victorian toasted cheese sandwich enthusiast.

“He reckons he Gayle was way too blunt. If you want to be a successful womaniser while also upholding the rich tradition of gender equality in Australian cricket, then you need to get ahold of their mobile numbers and text them extremely explicit text messages. Like Shane did in the 90’s”

“Or get them on Tinder. Warnie told a bird he was going to ‘devour her’ on Tinder the other day and she loved it so much she went straight to Woman’s Day after they fucked,”

It is believed Shane Warne, who has had sex with a very large number of women, often when he was married, is disgusted by Chris Gayle’s conduct.

“Shane reckons he should be ashamed of himself,” says the close friend who didn’t really want to tell us his name for fear of being associated with the Shane Warne Foundation.

“Forget the pick-up lines, go straight for the sexting”

“That’s what a real gentleman does.”


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