A recent report by the University of Newcastle has found that former Newcastle Knights legend and current Triple M Grill Team host, Matty Johns, is fairly certain that he is a hat guy.

Despite not suffering from any visible form of hair loss, and not having a necessarily large melon, the 46-year-old has spent close to 12 months rocking the new look – a fashion statement that many researchers have put down to him simply being ‘that age’ where dads try to spice it up a bit by dressing like their son’s mates.

Lead researcher, Professor Timana Gidley, says it is not uncommon for half-decent-looking middle aged blokes to begin trying their luck with youthful fashion accessories – especially when on the premiership lap towards the big 5-0.

“It’s quite bold by him” says Professor Gidley.

“Especially for someone who has in the past spent so much time making jokes about people’s appearance”

“Remember all that barge-arse stuff in the early 2000s? I’m sure Joey is now taking the opportunity to return fire on his brother’s attempts at dressing like Mick Fanning”

“At least he’s not doing the hippy thing – which is quite common for Novocastrians with a bit of coin”

The Betoota Advocate reached out to Matty Johns for a comment, where we were told to ‘chill out, brus’.



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