The notorious Queensland Maroons State Of Origin side have this morning been criticized by NSW supporters and coaching staff, as well that nation’s online bookmakers, for their unfair use of Bernard Fanning as the pre-match entertainment at Suncorp Stadium.

The Northern rugby league dynasty secured their 12th win in 11 years last night with a 22-06 domination over the Blues, however many feel that they were given an unprecedented advantage by Bernard Fanning’s breathtaking rendition of ‘Wish You Well’ just minutes before kick-off in the game three decider.

Representatives from the nation’s betting agencies have come out swinging, stating that the euphoric former Powderfinger frontman’s contribution has ruined all markets they had on the result of last night’s match.

NSW Coach Laurie Daley also says his team were ‘stitched up’ by having to play an 80-minute match against a Queensland side so obviously ramped up on the dulcet tones of Bernie.

“It’s just not fair. When we play at home we end up with the Madden Brothers or Justice Crew performing. How come Queensland gets Bernard”

“In game two I pushed quite hard to have the Screaming Jets or Silverchair perform beforehand but ended up with Grinspoon. They are from the Northern Rivers, that’s basically Queensland anyway”

It is believed drug-testers ASADA have been called in to the Maroons warm down session today to test for any unusual levels of suspicious powder[finger] in the Queensland camp.



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