“Who would you like to see go into the jungle Punter,” joked Mark ‘Junior’ Waugh during recent coverage of the Big Bash.

It was just one of 12 plugs, for upcoming shows on Channel 10 in 2018 by the hosts, (including Mark ‘Howie’ Howard) during the cricket that night.

It has been confirmed however, that many of the presenters are not as excited about the mediocre reality shows they have to promote, as they sound during after ad breaks.

“You think I would enjoy watching the ‘unscripted comedy gold’ that is ‘I’m A Celebrity’” asked Ricky Ponting, colloquially known by many around the country as Punter.

“Oh, you actually want an answer? Fuck no. I would not. Give me Sky Racing One or Two any day. Julia Morris is unbearable,” said Ponting.

Ponting confirmed however that he is happy to plug anything that is entertaining and fun for the audience.

“Swisse, Crownbet, Channel 10 shows. Whatever.”

“It’s funny though how much Junior gets into isn’t it?”

“I think he actually likes the shit”

We asked Andrew Symonds whether he watched any of the shows he had to mention.

“Bachelor in Paradise? Jesus Christ. What fucking even is that. Why can’t Channel 10 put some fishing shows on?”

“Me and ‘Dos’ [Matthew Hayden] could do one, were we catch fish and then cook it or something”

“Remember that diving show I went on. Haha fuck me”


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