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Coach Michael Cheika travelled to the plains of Zimbabwe over the weekend to personally ask a crash of local rhinoceroses to grant flanker-turned-conservationist David Pocock a sabbatical from his work there to rejoin the Wallabies squad in time for the next test match in Bloemfontein.

Facing the Springboks in a race to the bottom, Cheika arrived on the African continent on Friday night, where he went straight to work.

“Yeah got it real early, didn’t burn too much daylight,” said the Randwick warhorse.

“Got out to the savanna around lunch time and shot the shit with David for a bit, he seems happy doing this stuff. Power to him, yeah and shit,”

“But mate, that’s not why I went there, the Teletubby’s in the Wallaby WhatsApp group still. I cam here to have a pow-wow with the rhinos, you see, because I need David back to whip the Springboks. It’s the only way.”

That’s despite rumours circulating late last week that the dynamic Waugh-Smith duo were looking to get the band back together for one night only, but Cheika quickly shot down speculation, saying the insides of their knees looked like his ears.

It’s unknown how the rhinos responded to the Galloping Greenman’s request but The Advocate will update this article upon learning of their decision.

However, the rhinos are adamant they will continue to pay the talented youngster if he does get the sabbatical his coach so desires.

More to come.





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