The Brisbane Lions have landed themselves a spot in the 2023 AFL grand final, with a high octane win over Carlton to set up a decider against Collingwood.

This means that Collingwood are technically playing at home, while the Queenslanders have to travel – just like they have to travel for the NRL Grand final, which they are also featuring in.

Despite being based less then five kilometres away from the football oval, Collingwood fans will be infiltrating every facet of the MCG, including the ‘nice’ parts.

It appears the representatives for the club are now fighting tooth and nail for the MCG to be accomodating of the unrefined Collingwood culture traits, and serving food that Magpies supporters would enjoy – namely cob loaf dips and comically spicy chicken.

While alco-pop mixer drinks will be limited to mid-strengths, the MCC board have reluctantly agreed to install Mother Energy taps in the members area, so that the cashed up bogan Collingwood supporters feel comfortable on the first day they ever utilise their members tickets.

“This is very temporary” said the MCC chairman, Jobson Growthe (89).

“But I do know why they have no teeth. I had a pot of that stuff and had to have a sit down”


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