Despite being only 15 minutes into a local footy game, a drunken punter is letting the referee know that that oppositions number 2 has been a non-stop pest, and will continue to be unless his poor discipline is recognised.

“Fuck me dead sir, he has been doing it allllll dayyyyyyyyyy!” he yells from the sidelines.

Local games between the Kyogle Turkeys and the Casino Cougars are usually heated, and with home ground advantage “Nicho” isn’t afraid to unleash.

“He has gotta bloody go boys, how many times he has hit our blokes high….. SEND HIM SIR. SEND HIM,” he barks, glancing around for approval at a few mates.

Despite the fact that the referee has done his best to keep a lid on a game that could spew over into a 1990’s style state of origin brawl, Nicholson isn’t having any of it.

“I tell ya, the refs ruin these friggen games, and don’t get me started on that Bunker thing in the NRL.”

Close friend Ben Studders confirmed that Nicholson loves to carry on on the sidelines each week, but agrees that the ref’s eyes must be painted on.

“He has been injured for a few weeks now, and he has taken it upon himself to just hurl the same batch of insults at the opposition players and referee,” Studders said.

“Its getting pretty tiring, he always glances around for a nod of approval. I mean how many times can you ask the ref “how much are they paying ya?””


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