Iconic Channel 9 sports announcer, Ken Sutcliffe has today revealed that his retirement from cricket commentary could not have been timed any better.

The 68-year-old former male model from Mudgee has opened up to The Betoota Advocate about a growing ‘toxicity’ within the world-renowned Channel 9 cricket commentary box.

“There’s been a few changes over the years” he said.

“Not naming any names. But let’s just there has been a rather ‘frosty’ environment in the box since Richie left us,”

“As in, frosted tips” he says while winking.

Ken says he’s glad to be getting out while he can. After being referred to as a ‘cancer’ on the commentary team by the unnamed announcer.

“Put it this way. We had a little barbecue for my send-off – and old mate opted to go out on a boat with James Packer instead. He really likes to… Carpe Diem… If you know what I mean”

“He won’t even stick around to do the maxaphone with the team after a win”

“The dynamics have definitely changed. It’s not a team. There are different little factions going on and it  is toxic.”

‘It has just built very slowly but everyone can see it, everyone can feel it and nothing is being done”

‘So it wasn’t a very enjoyable place to be and you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself when you’re commentating for your country.”



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